Uragano Dorato per Filip Babicz

Foto Federico Cavalleri

D15 DTS al Bus del Quai, Lago d’Iseo

Una nuova King line per gli amanti del dry tooling alla grotta del Bus del Quai, centro nevralgico del dry italiano, dove Matteo Rivadossi, pioniere della disciplina, aveva preparato questa “uragano dorato”, eterna linea strapiombante di 97 movimenti e 54 prese. A liberarla in stile DTS (senza yaniro) lo specialista Filip Babicz. La difficoltà dichiarate D15, con molti lanci obbligatori. Le foto sono di Federico Cavalleri

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URAGANO DORATO: first ascent! Finally I started to pursue my projects of 2019! The first is done! This brand new route in Bus del Quai (Iseo, Italy) have been my priority goal since last December. And now it’s finally freed! This route is THE line of the cliff above Iseo lake. Almost 50 metres long, it’s the hardest, the longest and the most direct line on the very center of the wall. It took me 28 minutes to complete all 97 moves (54 holds) including some beautiful jumps! I’d like to dedicate my ascent to @tom.ballard one of the strongest drytoolers and alpinists on the world, who recently lost his life along with @danielenardialpinista on the slopes of Nanga Parbat, Himalaya. I would like to say big thank you to Matteo Rivadossi, who had a vision to bolt this line and invited me to work on it. I also say thanks to the bunch of local climbers who helped me complete this achievement. First of all, to @vincevaltu, without you nothing of this would be possible. You know, you will always be in my heart. Then thank you to @verzelettimarco and @danielefrialdi for all your help and hospitality. I think it’s one of the best drytooling routes I’ve ever climbed. So aesthetic, with beautiful moves on perfect scenery. I would like to invite all DTS drytoolers to come in Iseo, to try the route and admire a fabulous view from the cave. As for the grade, I propose D15 (obviously in DTS)! . #csercitoitaliano #esercitoitaliano #centrosportivoesercito #drytooling #dts #amuerte #dtsstyle

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