Thomas Huber in versione rockstar!

E’ uscito il primo album di Thomas Huber & Plastic Surgery Disaster, per gli amanti del genere rock granitico tendente al metal. Il campione tedesco, autore di tante vie nuove estreme sia insieme al più famoso fratello Alexander sia con formazioni diverse, è anche un musicista e paroliere di successo. E’ appena uscito il nuovo album “Desire”, con ambientazione decisamente alpinistica (studio di registrazione in una baita sulle montagne di Berchtesgaden) e i suoi testi sono stati scritti da Thomas alla base del Cerro Torre!

Dice Thomas: “le 12 canzoni parlano delle montagne e delle mie esperienze e dei miei viaggi. “Suffer” parla  della nostalgia di casa che provo durante una spedizione. “Haze” racconta della mia via Stoneage sull’ Untersberg a Berchtesgaden; “one name” è dedicata al mio amico Dean Potter, morto troppo presto, “And Core”, parla della solitudine in montagna, mentre con  “Black machine” vogliamo dimostrare che arrampicata e R’n’r chiedono entrambi tanto sangue, un certo livello di resilienza nei confronti dello stress e contemporanemamente la necessità di liberare l’energia che hai dentro.”

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Thomas Huber tells us what music means to him and what the album Desire is about:

Sir Edmund Hillary once answered the question: „Why do you climb mountains?“ with the

short and precise statement „Because they’re there!“ Today we don’t just climb mountains

because they’re there. They offer an archaic place to retreat to in our modern world. A place

to experience one’s own life in a true and essential way. Trust is the base for a community

that wants to explore boundaries to the impossible.

I go to the mountains because there is a fire inside me, a childish curiosity that lets me take

off to make my crazy ideas come true. Even though they may be dangerous at times I try to

prevail with a clear mind, utilizing my abilities as well as those of my climbing partner to

shift the boundaries of a steep rock face. „You go, so I will go, be one with the mountain`s

flow…” these are some of the lyrics of the rough rock song Mountain High that describes

what it’s like to climb in one of the hardest wall. The guys in my band Plastic Surgery

Disaster are an alliance bound together by music. We’ve been playing together for 18 years.

Wolfgang Seiberl is on drums, Andreas Brandner plays base guitar, Manni Rödel and Peter

Schweiger play guitars and I sing.

We’re like the mountains in their primal form: wild, jagged, rough, authentic and not leveled

out, obstructed and demystified. We find our musical inspiration in another extreme terrain:

in the Californian desert. Where Grunge and Punk mixed to become Desert Rock, later also

called Stoner Rock. You won’t find a desert in the Alps around Berchtesgaden. But there are

mountains and tons of rocks. The best way to describe our Stoner Rock is hard stone rockin’,

authentic, driven and of course with lots of kaboom.

We’ve written some new songs over the course of the past years after our debut album

Endless was released. We went up to 1200m in the spring of 2017 to record our new album

Desire in a mountain cabin in Berchtesgaden that we converted into a recording studio.

The 12 songs tell storied about the mountains and experiences I made during my travels and

expeditions. Suffer is about torturing homesickness I experienced during an expedition. Haze

tells about my route Stoneage on the Untersberg in Berchtesgaden. One Name is dedicated

to my friend Dean Potter who died much too early. And Core is about those moments of

solitude in the mountains. With Black Machine we demonstrate that climbing and

Rock’n’Roll go well together because both demand lots of lifeblood, a certain amount of

resilience towards stress and the absolute will to set free the energy you have.

The title song of our album originated far away from home in Patagonia:

“The weather has been catastrophic for four weeks and I have to give up on my goal of

climbing Cerro Torre once again. I return to the Torre Valley once again to claim my entire

climbing equipment at the foot of the mountain. The Torre is demonstrating his untamed side

once again. Inaccessible, branded by the storms. It seems impossible to climb this mountain.

The clouds release the mountain as if the Cerro Torre were to show me that it was on me to

either let hope live or simply die!”

I write the lyrics to Desire at the foot of Cerro Torre:

There is a hope today, if you think higher,

we have to go this way it´s our desire!

There is a place down here, we get on fire

Can we just follow our heart, it´s our desire!

Believe in that what you leave behind, just look inside and stay alive!

There is a point of no return, just go ahead to mountains high, desire!

I was enlivened and I knew that I would return to Cerro Torre! The mountains inspired up to

our music and that’s why we wanted to record our sound in the mountains. If you listen

closely you can maybe feel the thin air, the rustic atmosphere of the mountain cabin, the

sublime mountain pastures, and the rough wall of the mountains of Berchtesgaden. If the so

inclined listener turns the volume to the far right you’ll definitely hear the energetic and

distinctive Stoner Rock of five guys from Berchtesgaden.

Your Thomas Huber

The album Desire by Plastic Surgery Disaster is available starting on the 07.12.2018.

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