Seb Bouin libera il suo ltp di 9b/+ a Flatanger

ph Raphael Fourau

Ripete “The move” nella grande grotta norvegese

LTP, long time projects. Quelli che alla lunga ricordi più volentieri in una carriera perchè non durano un lampo. Ecco quello di Seb Bouin a Flatanger, così vicino al LTP di Ondra che Seb intende provare seriamente a breve…

Yesterday I did “Move” 9b/+ in Flatanger, Norway. What a Journey for me since I started working this route. I belayed Adam Ondra during his first ascent in 2013. And now it’s my turn.  I started working this route in 2016 – 2017. I have to be a bit crazy to believe such a long time in a possible success in this route!!! But finaly it’s done. I did five travels (2 – 3 weeks each travels) to do this route.  I did 4 travels alone. This means I start alone from France and I try to find Partner on the crag. It’s quite hard mentaly to do that. Because you have the pressure of the route during your trip, but you are alone to control it.  Alone means also that you are not sure to find partners to climb with.  But it’s a superbe opportunity to meet people and share your passion and emotions with.  I learnt a lot during this Journey, about myself, about injuries, about pressure, about climbing, and about life. That’s why doing this route is the ice of the cake. Move is one of the hardest route in the world, but that was not my firt motivation.  I chose this route because it’s a MEGA LINE, it’s hard and beautiful, and I was inspired. About the grade it’s the hardest route I did at the moment. I have no experience in 9b+ grades. So It could be easy 9b+ (Adam was thinking 9b+ but said 9b/+ because this route it’s not so much his style) or super hard 9b. I think the 9b/+ grade could be the good one. Let see with the next repetitors. Now it’s time to…. check another project. The one to the right looks like a good one!!! It’s called “Silence”….

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