Ghisolfi saluta con classe il sogno olimpico

La telefonata che non voleva ricevere

Stefano Ghisolfi ha appena inviato ai suoi fans attraverso la piattaforma Instagram un bel messaggio di addio al sogno Olimpico, purtroppo azzerato dalla emergenza covid che non ha permesso né permetterà la disputa dell’Europeo che avrebbe assegnato gli ultimi posti per l’Olimpiade 2021. L’assegnazione delle quote tripartite, di cui una è andata al nostro Piccolruaz, consente al nostro paese di avere lo stesso tre atleti rappresentati a Tokyo, ma tutti speravano che Ghisolfi potesse giocarsi l’ultima chance di entrare nel lotto così come era stabilito nelle regole iniziali.

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Yesterday I received a phone call and I figured out my last chance to go to Tokyo2020 just faded. Ifsc assigned the spot from the Tripartite commission and, in short words, I cannot qualify for the Olympics anymore. This decision was supposed to be made after European championships in March, so we would have a last fight there for the last spot, the competition then was postponed but not the assignment to this pass, who went to @michael.piccolruaz who was the next in the Combined world championship ranking and deserves this a lot, and who filled the quota for Italy. A weird story, it is sad not to fight one last time and being out of the game with a phone call, but I suppose we are living a bad historical moment (that was the cause of postponement of the comp) and I need to accept it, I mean, something much worse is happening to the world right now and I'm not going to cry for a competition, even if it is the most important one and it means losing more than a year of training and travels with the purpose to qualify. It's not a big deal, think, even the Olympics are not in the Olympics this year, I can overcome this 😅😆. In any case, I strongly believe, competitions won't unfortunately take place this year (personal thought, not official), so this decision would have just come now or later, and sooner is better. After few minutes of sadness after the call, I realized I still have 1000 projects and more time to work on them now, I like to see the positive side and I can say I'm happy I can do what I love most, you can see what I talking about in the second picture. • • I'm sorry for @fannygibert974 and @marci_bomb who lost their possibility too and deserved a chance to fight, but at the same time I'm happy for @michael.piccolruaz and Anouck Jaubert who deserve the spot for their amazing performances last year in Tokyo.

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