Filip Babicz alza l’asticella in Polonia

Filip Babicz alza l’asticella in Polonia

In assoluta straforma il militare italiano dell’esercito Filip Babicz raggiunge il più alto livello in dry tooling (modalità dts, cioè senza yaniro) mai raggiunta da un italiano. E’ riuscito infatti a liberare l’ultimo project nella grotta polacca di Zakopane. La via era stata chiodata da Marcin Gąsienica Kotelnicki, che ha seguito e incitato, questa volta silenziosamente, Filip durante tutta la salita.


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I am so proud to can announced than Blair Witch Project is not more a project!! This evening accompanied by the father of this crazy line @marcin_gasienica_kotelnicki I did the first ascent of the hardest route bolted in this spot, a probably D15 in pure DTS style, after 18 minutes of big concentration and fight!! What amazing felling was between me and him, connected by a rope. My each mov, my each breath and my each thought, was shared with Marcin. Normaly he cheers me a lot while i climb, and i shout a lot too when I fight, this ascent was almost in silence, only big concentration at each end of rope. He moved hold by hold with me, it was something really special, it was our fight and our victory. Marcin, thank you for this beautiful line spiced with some crazy jumps and also thank you for this special, almost "mistic" experience this evening sharing with you. #dry #drytooling #climbing #D15 #zakopane #crux #fight #amuerte #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #crazyidea

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